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Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Avoiding social media mistakes

Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Today we’re sharing a few social media mistakes to avoid when putting together your social media strategy.

1. Having an account on every platform

As mentioned in our post on the importance of social media marketing, you truly don’t need to exist on every social media platform under the sun. Our advice is to do a little bit of research on where your ideal clients are spending their time and go from there. Less is more and rather do the two or tree platforms you focus on really well than spread yourself too thin and have a mediocre presence.


2. Not using time saving tools

Save yourself time and and hassle by making use of schedulers, content planners, and other tools. You’ll free up time and you’ll have a better idea of your strategy as a whole.


3. Not telling your story

Be careful not to become spammy and just post about your product. Customers don’t engage with brands that are constantly posting sales pitches. Give your social media presence some humanity, provide value to your clients with useful information, entertainment, and a splash of sales here and there.


4. Not Engaging

One of the biggest social media mistakes we see happening is when brands don’t engage with their followers. Social media is all about being – can you guess? – SOCIAL! Engage with your followers, reply to their comments, ask them questions, genuinely get to know them. Building a ‘tribe’ is all about making your followers feel valued and a part of your business.


5. Not using good quality images

Or even worse, using no images at all. Social media is incredibly visual and using good quality images lets your customer know that you’re professional and that you take your brand seriously. Less is more, rather use fewer, good quality images on your website and on social media than many mediocre images.


And there it is, our five top social media mistakes to avoid. Do you have any mistakes to add to our list?

5 Social Media mistakes to Avoid


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